The Frederick Parker Foundation is a registered charity whose aim is to maintain a collection of chairs for students to study at close hand their history, development, design, construction and restoration.

The Foundation seeks to promote and encourage the study of furniture history and in particular the design and development of British chairs.


  • To use the Collection as a resource for design, industry and scholarship
  • To use the Collection as an educational tool
  • To seek the highest standards in the display and maintenance of the Collection
  • To maintain pubic access to the Collection


  • To establish the Collection as Britain's foremost study Collection of British chairs from 1600 to the present day and to improve it as opportunities arise
  • To represent in the Collection the style, form, materials, construction and evolution of the British chair
  • To display a large proportion of the Collection's chairs, carvings and ephemera
  • To produce and make available a catalogue of the Collection
  • To make the Foundation's archive accessible for public use
  • To expand the Foundation's educational programme of lectures and courses on furniture to the widest audience
  • To raise funds in order to carry out the objectives of the Foundation